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Springtime: A Collection of Haikus

Springtime: A Collection of Haikus


Blue Skies

Blue skies, cloudy white

The sun smiles bright yellow

Air warm as its rays

A Row of Flowers

Red, white, pink, yellow

Growing from the grassy roots

In a garden park

The Trees and their Leaves

Back to life the leaves

That died in the cold weather

Are reborn in shades of green


Tweet, tweet goes the birds

Birdies sing a melody

And wakes me in the morning

Sunny Nights


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Lazy TV Saturdays: Anime Binge Watching and Tekko

Lazy TV Saturdays: Anime Binge Watching and Tekko


When I first began my Spring Break, I told myself I would watch at least 2 full anime series. One, Chaos; Head, I previously started before break and while I was never sure of what the other show would be, I at least knew it was going to be watched and completed by Sunday. Well, now it’s Saturday and I am nowhere on any anime show. All I can do now is binge watch Chaos; Headon Netflix (which I’m…

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Food Fridays: Breakfast Sandwiches

Food Fridays: Breakfast Sandwiches


I’m currently at home for Spring Break (which has been a great break if I may say so myself) and while I love being at home, I miss having my cafeteria’s breakfast sandwiches in the morning. I never got to eat them every morning, but when I did eat them it made the start to my day that much more awesome.

I always got the bacon/egg sandwich because I don’t really care for sausage and that’s the…

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Korean KPOP Thursdays: Girl’s Generation’s Oh!

Korean KPOP Thursdays: Girl’s Generation’s Oh!


I seem to be in a real nostalgic mood when it comes to KPOP recently, granted I discussed a newer song last week, but this week we’re back on the nostalgia train as I talk about Girl’s Generation’s hit Oh!

Along with SHINee’s Hello, Girl’s Generation’s Oh! is one of the first KPOP songs I heard and got me hooked into the genre. It’s light, fun, colorful and extremely energetic.

I’m pretty sure a…

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Anime Wednesdays: My Thoughts on Elfen Lied

Anime Wednesdays: My Thoughts on Elfen Lied

elfen lied

I can finally add another classic anime to my ever growing list of shows I’ve watched!!!

A few weeks into the new school semester, I watched Elfen Lied, which only took me a few hours to finish since it was on DVD and I didn’t have to sit through countless ads on Hulu. I heard a lot about the series (who hasn’t if you’re an avid anime fan?) and most people enjoy it even though it’s very graphic…

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Literature Tuesdays: The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives

Literature Tuesdays: The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives

sisters grimm

It’s definitely the trend now to see a new spin on the famous fairy tales we know and love in the media. Most spins tend to make the tales darker, though some could argue that fairy tales were always dark, and every time we turn around there’s a new show or movie coming out about a character from a very popular story. These are things like the series Once Upon a Time (2011) and Grimm(2011) or…

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