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Korean Thursdays Summer Celebration Week: Superman is Back

Korean Thursdays Summer Celebration Week: Superman is Back


While anime flourished this summer, Korean entertainment for me was dismal.

For the first time in like two years, I have not seen a Korean film nor have I listened to any new KPOP songs over the summer. Instead I’ve been addicted to watching a cute little Korean variety show called Superman is Back.

Also called The Return of Superman, this series is an ongoing reality show that chronicles the…

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Anime Wednesdays Summer Celebration Week: The Summer of Anime

Anime Wednesdays Summer Celebration Week: The Summer of Anime


One thing I couldn’t get enough of this summer, besides ice cream and an air conditioned house, was all the anime I watched.

From May to August, I have watched and am still watching anime shows that are literally growing my anime watch list by the day. I may not have seen too many movies for the summer season, but I definitely saw enough anime and counting. So here’s a list of these wonderful…

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Literature Tuesdays Summer Celebration Week: Falling in Love with Reading (Again)

Literature Tuesdays Summer Celebration Week: Falling in Love with Reading (Again)


Alright, so bad news first.

Several weeks ago, I devised a list of books that I wanted to read by the time the summer ended which included, The Fault in Our Stars (2012), Animal Farm (1945), Divergent (2011), The Perks of Being a Wallflower (1999) and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones(2007). Sadly because I’ve been very busy lately (and lazy), I did not complete the full reading list. In…

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Movie Mondays Summer Celebration Week: The Great Gatsby Revisited

Movie Mondays Summer Celebration Week: The Great Gatsby Revisited


First, we’re kicking it off with summer blockbusters!

Though this is typically the season where people go to see movies all the time, I didn’t actually see many movies this summer. All I saw in theaters was X-men Days of Future Past which I was rather disappointed in and will discuss at a later time. But as far as watching movies at home, I did see Chronicle (2012), The Pelican Brief  (1993) and

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Summer Celebration Week!!



Everyone, I’ve missed you all so much and of course I would like to apologize for being gone for over a month.

Rather than explain to you in one post what I was busy with this summer in terms of entertainment or work, I’ve decided that since it’s been a while since I did a themed week and I promised I’d make one soon, for the next seven days, each of my posts are going to…

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Puke Green

“I’ve never tried this shade before,” she tells me, “my mom said it’s ugly.”

“Yeah, it’s ugly. It’s puke green.”

I twist my face into a grimace hoping she gets the hint. But she takes the bottle out of the basket and hands it to me anyway.

“Just try it. It doesn’t look that bad,” she says.

I want to tell her that of course she doesn’t think it looks bad because she’s not the one putting it on,…

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After a Rainstorm

A grey mist hangs in the air.

It looks like steam from a boiling pot

and is wet as the morning dew.

Drenched pavements,

soggy grass

and splashed sidewalks glint

in the sunless sky.

We miss the breeze that

came and went

leaving only the stifling cotton.

It will come again,

we say.

We know it will

and the mist will rise with it too.

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Lazy TV Saturdays: My Tekko Trip (For Real This Time!!)

Lazy TV Saturdays: My Tekko Trip (For Real This Time!!)


I know the Tekkoshocon anime convention in Pittsburgh PA was over 2 months ago, but I did still promise that I’d make a post about my trip and I was going to earlier but then I got super busy with graduating and other stuff. But you don’t want to hear excuses! Here it is (finally!!) a post about what I did at Tekko 2014.

Tekko 2014 (April 4th-6th)  was my second anime convention and was…

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Food Fridays: Potato Salad

Food Fridays: Potato Salad



With the 4th of July just around the corner, everyone’s going to be busy barbecuing their baby back ribs and steak and while I don’t mind some good ol’ scorched meat, I mostly look forward to the barbecue sides which are usually macaroni and cheese or potato salad. Seeing as how I already talked about mac and cheese, it’s potato salad’s turn.

My favorite kind would have to be the mustard…

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