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Lazy TV Saturdays: My Tekko Trip (For Real This Time!!)

Lazy TV Saturdays: My Tekko Trip (For Real This Time!!)


I know the Tekkoshocon anime convention in Pittsburgh PA was over 2 months ago, but I did still promise that I’d make a post about my trip and I was going to earlier but then I got super busy with graduating and other stuff. But you don’t want to hear excuses! Here it is (finally!!) a post about what I did at Tekko 2014.

Tekko 2014 (April 4th-6th)  was my second anime convention and was…

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Food Fridays: Potato Salad

Food Fridays: Potato Salad



With the 4th of July just around the corner, everyone’s going to be busy barbecuing their baby back ribs and steak and while I don’t mind some good ol’ scorched meat, I mostly look forward to the barbecue sides which are usually macaroni and cheese or potato salad. Seeing as how I already talked about mac and cheese, it’s potato salad’s turn.

My favorite kind would have to be the mustard…

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Korean Thursdays: Surprising Find in an Anime Series

Korean Thursdays: Surprising Find in an Anime Series

question mark

So with me being busy doing other things, I haven’t really had time to watch or listen to anything Korean-related (although there is a Korean movie I recently saw that I didn’t feel like talking about today), but I didn’t want to wait another week before posting something so I decided to write about a surprising find I discovered while watching the anime Blue Exorcist.

First, the series is 25…

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Anime Wednesdays: Why Btoom! is the Best “Survival Game” Show

Anime Wednesdays: Why Btoom! is the Best “Survival Game” Show


Ever since The Hunger Gamescame out in 2012 (and even before the film released), I’ve noticed a trend in the media, specifically in anime. A lot of anime shows have centered on the “survival game” genre where the main character must win at the game in order to survive. Usually this game involves killing a bunch of people in order to succeed or is another take on the classic “if you die in the…

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Literature Tuesdays: Top 5 Books I’d Like to Read this Summer

Literature Tuesdays: Top 5 Books I’d Like to Read this Summer


So far my summer’s been uneventful and I believe it’s time to pick up some books in order to get rid of the boredom. Also I promised after New Years that I’d read a little more and now that we’re halfway through 2014 I feel I haven’t really lived up to that, unless you count the plays I read for my Shakespeare class this semester. In order to keep my word, here’s a list of books I would like to…

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Yui’s Thoughts (Diabolik Lovers)

Yui’s Thoughts (Diabolik Lovers)

Why is he doing this to me?

What did I ever do to him or any of them?

It hurts so much I think I might collapse. I can feel my blood dripping down my neck. It’s hot and I’m sweating. It all hurts so bad and I wish he would stop. Even if I asked him to stop, he’d just laugh and bite my neck again. But it burns and I can’t take it. He won’t let go. He’s biting down harder and harder. I can hear…

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Movie Mondays: Man of Steel Rant

Movie Mondays: Man of Steel Rant



It’s been a long time since I did a rant-styled post (as in I only did it once) and I feel like doing one now. I won’t pretend to be a die hard Superman fan because I’m not, but I do know a little bit about him based on his animated series from the 1990s and the Lois and Clark live action TV series. I’m going to try and focus on problems I had with the movie though and…

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